Malea Holm


Hello, there. I'm Malea Holm, the face behind Phantom Photography. I'm a 15 year old girl learning everything I can about photography. I first started photography at a horse event in April 2009. With the encouragement of family and friends, I began to explore this new-found curiosity. As I learned what photography is as an art, I began to express myself through it and build a personal style. I aspire to create an emotional connection between my photograph and my viewers. That's why you have that awestruck look on your face, of course. My goal with photography is to take what is real and make it feel surreal yet tangible. You can now walk in your dreams. Great teenage photographer story, huh?

Now other than photography I am into writing and music. I couldn't live without music. My favorite bands are Fall Out Boy and Nickelback. Fueling my passion for music, I have played piano for 7 years. As for writing, I am currently working on a novel, but since it's still in the works you have to promise me you'll keep it a secret, hush hush. My poetry is how I express myself when I can't depict my emotions visually. We all have that problem once in a while, right? Well for me poetry and music never fail. I shall find some way to incorporate them into my photography.

In a nutshell,

Welcome to Phantom Photography, fueled by dreams.